Black Ink Crew Star Cesaer Has Been Arrested For Child Support !!!

Black Ink Crew Star Cesaer Has Been Arrested For Child Support !!!
Will Cesaer Clean Up His Act ?
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Ceaser Emanuel from the show "Black Ink Crew" has seen better days, because he was just arrested for not paying child support.

The TV star was placed in handcuffs while he was finishing up a client's tattoo.

He was also in the middle of filming his VH1 reality show, according to a witness who was there during the arrest.

In a video secured by the celebrity site, you can see police escort ceaser from one of the back rooms and lead him towards the front door. Obviously, the tattoo shop owner wasn't too pleased about what was going on, and he quickly spoke up about it.

There were cameras rolling so ceaser's arrest may well be aired on the new season of Black Ink Crew. It's unknown at this point in time if Ceaser made his bail.

This isn't the first time Ceaser has been in trouble with the law. During the last season, Ceaser was arrested in Nebraska for driving with no license with weed in his car. The correct term for that arrest was classified as, "hashish possession and driving under suspension."
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At that time, Ceaser said that he was in Colorado doing a tattoo convention and missed his flight and decided to drive back to New York City. Within four hours into the trip, Ceaser claimed that he was pulled over for doing 80 mph in a 75 mph on the highway.

Ceaser spent three days in the Lincoln County Detention Center and had to pay a fine in that case. Ceaser wasn't the only one arrested in that case/ His brother, Thomas "Ty" Emanuel, was also put in cuffs at that time.

Hopefully Ceaser can get his child support paid and stay out of jail this time around.