Executive Order ‪has been taken by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Mandate Atlantans to wear face masks

 Executive Order ‪has been taken by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

BHR HollyWood Reports......Breaking news ‪Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ Executive Order calls for Atlantans to wear face masks coverings and limit gatherings to 10 or less.

"I specifically asked our governor about allowing Atlanta to go forward with mandating masks in our city, he refused," Bottoms said. "Other cities have taken the approach that they are going to defy the governor's executive order and Savannah has done it, some other cities have done it and Atlanta is going to do it today."
Mayor Keshia Lance Bottoms
She said that COVID-19 is "wreaking havoc" in the city.

"We will never be able to reopen our schools and our economy if we don't take some responsibility for what we can do as leaders to make sure that people aren't exposed to this virus," she said.
When asked about schools, she said it doesn't seem like a good idea to open due to the spike in cases.
"I think it's irresponsible to rush to open our schools," she said.
It's not clear how the governor will address the cities that are forging ahead with their own mask mandates.
Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has signed an executive order on Wednesday mandating the use of face masks in public spaces. It's the latest Georgia city to test an order from Gov. Brian Kemp that bars local governments from setting their own public health policies.