Always a Bridesmaids starring Javicia Leslie, Jordan Calloway , Yvette Nicole Brown,and Richard Lawson is set to release soon
Always a Bridesmaids

BHR HollyWood Reports....... Always a Bridesmaids starring Javicia Leslie, Jordan Calloway , Yvette Nicole Brown,and Richard Lawson. Always a Bridesmaid is a romantic comedy written  and executive produced by Brown, produced by Nikaya D Brown Jones, Gregory Anderson,Veronica Nicols and directed by Trey Haley(The Family Business).

It follows Corina James who has been a bridesmaid so many times that she is starting to wonder if she will ever be a bride. Always A Bridesmaid ponders the question, ‘Is love and marriage for everyone?’ And if so, how do you get over your own stuff in order to find and keep your one?