50 Cent Puts Oldest Son (Marquise Jackson) On Blast !! Find Out Why !

  50 Cent Puts Oldest Son (Marquise Jackson) On Blast !! Find Out Why ! 
BHR Hollywood Reports........50 Cent’s relationship with his oldest son has found it’s way back into the public after a subtle diss the rapper made on social media.

The Power star posted a photo to Instagram of a friend's son whom he's grown fond of. A fan's comment under the photo, however, led 50's drama with Marquise's mother to worsen.

 The IG post that started it all was 50's dedication to 12-year-old Davian, a son of a friend of his, who returned to school this week.

He explained how proud he was of him in a fatherly way in the caption, prompting a fan to ask him how many children he has. His response seemed to tick off his son Marquise's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins. "Just 2," he replied. "Because I have no relationship with Shanique's [sic] son."
Shaniqua fired back, calling him weak in a comment. "Mood: sometimes all you can do is pray for the foolish and then laugh at how silly this weak n***a is." After folks continued to slam him for his words, 50 returned to Instagram to post a #TBT reinforcing his non-existent relationship with Marquise:
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