Rapper Mystikal Has Turned Himself In For Rape Charges !

Rapper Mystikal Has Turned Himself In For Rape Charges ! 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Mystikal was charged with raping a woman on October 22, 2016 in Shreveport. 

On Friday, August 18, police issued warrant for the rapper born Michael Lawrence Tyler's arrest. A woman named Averweone Holman was also arrested and charged with first-degree rape for her role in the assault. 

A third accomplice, a woman named Tenichia Wafford, is also being sought after for allegedly attempting to get the victim to drop charges against Holman and Tyler.

The attack allegedly happened at a Shreveport casino on the same date that Mystikal performed at a Legends of Southern Hip-Hop concert in the city. 

Evidence that matched Mystikal and Holman was allegedly collected at the scene. In 2004, Mystikal was sentenced to six years in prison after allegedly forcing his former hairstylist to perform sexual acts, along with two of his bodyguards. He was released in 2010.