Rasheeda Is In Denial Over The News Of Kirks Love Child With Jasmine Washington

Rasheeda Is In Denial Over The News Of
 Kirks Love Child With Jasmine Washington 
BHR Hollywood Reports........Despite an entire season that was built around Kirk's affair with Washington and her claim that the pair's unprotected sex led to the creation of her child, Frost remained silent.

Jasmine Washington 
"I damn sure wasn’t going to do it on national TV to give scammers the key…don’t try to set [me] up,” he rambled as an explanation during part one of the reunion special.

He then addressed his ex-mistress on air as follows:

“You're using that baby as a pawn to carry three people forward. That’s f-cked up,” Kirk added

Throughout this ongoing paternity scandal, Rasheeda has stuck by her husband's side.

Even when you'd think his refusal to confirm the results of a DNA test would be a pretty strong signal that he knocked Washington up last year.

Rasheeda said during a Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
episode that she’d willing to let Kannon get to know his half-brothers, Ky and Karter.

IF, that is, they really are his half-brothers.

“I think that would only be the right thing to do,” she admitted, prior to taking a swipe at Washington:

“That child, when he gets older and looks back and sees how dumb his mama is…Nothing the baby can do about it. I wouldn’t do that. That’s not the type of woman I am.”

Kirk and Rasheeda been married for 17 years and have two kids together.