Joseline Hernandez Blast Stevie J Daughter On Social Media !!! Find Out Why

 Joseline Hernandez Blast Stevie J Daughter On Social Media !!! Find Out Why 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........During last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL, Savannah told Mimi Faust, 47, that Joseline is not a good influence on her father, Stevie J, 45! “She is so toxic to him,” Savannah told Mimi during a vent session about Jos.

She went after her man’s daughter, Savannah, 18, on Twitter, June 27, and called her a “nappy headed hoe”!

During a Q&A session on Twitter, Joseline called Savannah a “hoe” when she said, “[Savannah’s] mad cause I run her daddy.

Now run along and find your own cock to suck. You nappy head”. And, she wasn’t done there. When a fan challenged Joseline and told her to “step up to the plate” and be the bigger person, she fought right back.
Stevie J and Joseline 

Here’s what the fan had to say: “Now what if someone said this about Bonnie , you’d be upset af and wanna fight! Just do what a step mom pose to do step up to the plate girl”.

But, Joseline saw things a bit different. “That young lady is 18,” Joseline replied, adding, “She’s grown enough to ditch it out she will grown who to take it!! I’m done with this conversation. Back to Reality”. Take a look at the tweets, below.