Rapper T.I. And Tiny Will Be Proceeding With Divorce

Rapper T.I. And Tiny Will Be Proceeding With Divorce
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Following six years of marriage, tiny filed for divorce in December. Tip was served with divorce papers this weekend and responded by filling his acknowledgement on Monday. According to reports.

Last week Tiny spoke on the relationship troubles saying that they "just cannot keep it together." "I think reality TV did put a little strain it it because it keeps people in your business."

T.I And Tiny
"I feel like it was a family show so it would be cool but it just seems like everything turns out to be in the media." She told Wendy Williams .

Tip addressed the end of their reality show which is the final season " I fave mixed feelings about it ." " The show has been something that has documented the growth and evolution of our family.

 Even people we work with for the show, they've became extended family members. It's bittersweet. I am kind of to get people out of my business a little bit."

T.I. And Tiny has three children together. King Major And Heiress. Their divorce is set to play out of VH1's The Family Hustle