Kendu Isaacs Gets Put On Blast By Mary J. Blige On Social Media !!

Kendu Isaacs Gets Put On  Blast By Mary J. Blige On Social Media !!
BHR Hollywood Reports............Mary J. is tired of the old news. While she is finalizes her divorce from kendu.She blasted him on twitter leaving him a strange message in twitter.

It's unclear weather the Kendu-related tweet came from Mary or if her account was hacked. 

 But the since deleted tweet arrives in the midst of the former's couples ongoing legal battle over their divorce, following 13 years of marriage.

 All of this comes as Mary prepares for her forthcoming album, Strength Of A Women. Featuring Kanye West, Missy Elliot, DJ Khaled, And Quavo. The album is set to be released April 28.