Cash Money (Birdman) Is Being Sued By Jas Prince Because Of Drake's Profits !!

Cash Money (Birdman) Is Being Sued By Jas Prince Because Of Drake's Profits !!
BHR Hollywood Reports........While the label continues to fight a $51 Million legal battle with Lil Wayne, Aspire Music Group has sued the imprint over missing profits and copyright royalties from Drakes first six solo albums. The amount owed could end up to being tens of millions of dollars.

Aspire names cash money owners Bryant "Birdman" Williams, Roland "Slim" Williams , and Young Money Entertainment as defendants.

Slim And Birdman
It claims that it signed an exclusive deal with drake back in 2008, before agreeing to let him record for cash money in exchange for one-third of the net profits of the following projects : 2009's So Far Gone , 2010's Thank Me Later , 2011's Take Care, 2013's Nothing Was The Same , 2015's  If your reading this, Its Too Late, And 2016's Views.

In addition to Aspire claims, their agreement included one third of the copy rights Of drake's masters if these albums, along with monthly accounting and payments.

Now aspire is claiming that Cash Money has never paid any profits or royalties aside from "A few modest advances", and that they failed to make consistent monthly accounting reports.

Jas Prince who previously discovered drake , is behind the new lawsuit as a co-owner of Aspire , According to reports.

Cash Money Has Not Officially Responded To The Lawsuit