BHR Is Keeping R&B Singer Tamar Braxton In Our Prayers !! After announcing Lost Pregnancy

BHR Is Keeping R&B Singer Tamar Braxton In Our Prayers !
! After announcing Lost Pregnancy 
BHR Hollywood Reports............Tamar Braxton shared a very personal, painful battle on the latest episode of Braxton Family Values.

The Calling All Lovers singer revealed that she had recently suffered a miscarriage during an intimate conversation with her big sister Toni Braxton on Thursdays episode of their reality show.

Tamar And Toni 
“You know, I didn’t tell nobody because it was very very new,” Tamar told Toni. “Well, maybe, like, a week before I went to Atlanta, I found out that I was pregnant.”

Of course, Atlanta was the site of Tamar's now-infamous brawl with Vince a few months ago — the one that resulted in a 911 call and a bitten finger.

 Though Tamar implied that the rumors of domestic violence were a lie, if true, we couldn't think of a worst time for a marital dispute than shortly after a miscarriage.

Toni fully understood that Tamar was revealing that she has miscarriage, she offered her condolences and support. She was surprised that Tamar had been carrying this secret for so long, but Toni didn’t fault her for it.
Vince And Tamar 

“I was really disappointed that she didn’t tell me, but I understood,” Toni said during her confessional.

“Sometimes, it’s between a husband and a wife. But I was glad that she finally told me, and I could be there and hold her hand because I’m sure that was a disappointing situation that happened for her.”

Tamar and her husband, Vincent Herbert, welcomed their son in 2013. More recently, Tamar and Vince have been considering having another baby.

On Braxton Family Values, the pair have even been looking for a new home with space to add more members to their family.