Actor/Comedian Michael Blacks Blast Media Source !! Find Out Why

Actor/Comedian Michael Blacks Blast Media Source !! Find Out Why 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Comedian Michael Blackson‘s marital goals seem to be falling apart. It all started when TheShadeRoom released a  Blackson fully nude in a hotel with a woman other than his soon-to-be wife.

The video shows a full-frontal Blackson in what looks like a hotel room with a woman who is not his lady, Georgia Reign. The comedian is now copping to the indiscretion, but says the video is several years old and was made with an ex-girlfriend who is now angry because she "misses the mutombo."
It seemed to be all jokes and games for Blackson, but his fiancée, Georgia Reign, was not laughing. According to Blackson, she is now cutting ties.
Whether Blackson is making light of the situation or not, it’s clear he’s regretful of his actions, regardless of when they were committed. See below:
Reign has yet to give a response to all the drama or reveal if she has any intentions of taking the funny man back.