This Could Be The Rise And Fall Of The Frost Empire ! This Is Not Sitting Well With Rasheeda

This Could Be The Rise And Fall Of The Frost Empire !
This Is Not Sitting Well With Rasheeda 
BHR Hollywood Reports.........During this week’s episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Jasmine revealed that she is currently in a three-way relationship with co-star Mimi Faust’s ex-boyfriend Rodney Bullock and Keanna — but Rod isn’t the only man they've shared.

“I got with Kirk while Rod was in jail,” Keanna explained in her confessional.

“I had no idea that he also had something going on with Jasmine. Come to find out, me and Jasmine are sharing a man again.”

But Mimi had a feeling that something wasn’t right with both Jasmine and Keanna’s stories — because she knows that her ex can be a “scam artist.” She had a hunch that he is trying to set up Kirk by making his girlfriends lie about sleeping with him, but Jasmine is adamant that she is telling the truth.
Rasheeda And Kirk 

Mimi and Melissa take it upon themselves to get to the bottom of the Kirk and Jasmine baby business. Jasmine explains that after Rodney went away, she ended up pregnant and at that time Kirk never doubted that he was the father.

Melissa grills Kirk’s alleged baby mother and her girlfriend Keanna to get some clarity on how they even met Mr. Frost in the first place.

 Mimi is shocked when Keanna reveals that she knows him the same exact same way Jasmine does, from messing with him through the strip club.

 Melissa reminds Jasmine that families and lives will be affected by such huge allegations and Jasmine feels offended that it’s even being insinuating that she doesn’t know that and the sass comes out on a ten.

Rodney Bullock 
“I’m getting real sick of everybody acting like Kirk and Rasheeda’s kids are the only ones that matter,” Jasmine said.

“What about my child, whose own father is denying him? I didn’t force Kirk to have sex with me — it takes two people to cheat and he’s the only one of us who is married.”

Things get intense when Melissa calls Jasmine “sweetheart,” causing the tension to erupt. The ladies end up getting into it with the owner, leaving Melissa with no choice but to tell all three of them to get tuh’ steppin’!
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