Steve Harvey Blast Snoop Dogg "You Should Respect The President"

Steve Harvey Blast Snoop Dogg "You Should Respect The President" 
BHR Hollywood Reports...............Snoop Dogg has been receiving a lot of heat from the masses for his stint in BADBADNOTGOOD’s “Lavender” video in which he shot a Donald Trump impersonator with a toy gun.

While Fox Host, Kimberly Guilfoyle, said Snoop Dogg should be killed for the video, Bow Wow and T.I. took to social media to defend the Long Beach native following Donald Trump’s tweet pinning a “failing career” to the rap pioneer.

Given that it’s a new week, you’d think the whole fracas surround Snoop Dogg’s “Lavender” video with BADBADNOTGOOD would have blown over by now.
Snoop Dogg 

Maybe it would have, except that Steve Harvey felt the need to insert himself into the conversation. As someone who once met with Trump as he was set to take office, you can imagine how Harvey felt about the whole thing.

While the comedian was astute enough not to criticize the Doggfather for speaking out against President Trump, he still goes after Snoop for he method of protest.

“Here’s the problem,” Harvey explained on his morning radio show. “If something happens, do you get brought in as the copycat version, the reason that spurred action?

‘Cuz there’s some idiot that’s sitting at his house that’s willing to carry this out… and you don’t want to be tied to that.”

Donald Trump 
The media has a long history of blaming artists for the actions of individuals, so Harvey has a point here.

 However, Harvey gets further onto his pulpit when he says, “the problem with this is that there’s is an office in this country called the ‘president’, and you have to respect the office.

 You really do. Whether you want to or not. You have to respect the office. They got laws… I would hate for anything to come down.”

Letting wind of the feud between Trump and Snoop, Steve Harvey offered his opinion on how artists should conduct themselves under a Trump administration.
Bow Wow 

 Following Bow Wow’s sexist comments about Melania Trump, The Family Feud host suggested Monday morning (March 20) whatever beef he has with the president, leave Trump’s wife out of it.

“You got money and they know how to go after that money. Just be smart, handle your business. Let me tell ya man, leave the first lady out of this.

 Y’all going down another path with these cats now. You start messing with they wives…I’ll tell y’all you going down another path,” Harvey said.

Harvey continued to state that the office of the president should be respected and advises rappers to “be smart with what you say.”