Rappers T.I., Safaree And Comedian Lil Duval Are Now Bumping Heads !! Find Out Why

Rappers T.I., Safaree And Lil Duval Are Now Bumping Heads !! Find Out Why 
BHR Hollywood Reports.........VH1 recently rebooted its show “Celebrity Squares” and now branded it “Hip Hop Squares” and Safaree Samuels, T.I., and Lil Duval were on it.

Footage from a deleted scenes landed online showing TIP clowning Safaree over his past relationship with Nicki Minaj.

 “He on Love & Hip Hop? I thought his hip hop love had done went over,” the Hustle Gang rapper said. “I ain’t thought he had a hip hop love no more.”

it all started when T.I. and fellow contestant Lil Duval starting making fun of Safaree's Love & Hip Hop gig, with T.I. saying, "He on 'Love & Hip Hop'? I thought his hip-hop love had went on. I ain't know he had a hip-hop love no mo'."
T.I. And Safaree

Bringing up Nicki Minaj right off the bat? It was all downhill from there. Safaree fired back by asking T.I. if he needs help with his lyrics and, weirdly enough, telling Lil Duval to shut up because, "My d*ck is bigger than you."

So where'd all that hostility come from? One popular theory claims it's all over a woman called Ana Montana. According to Safaree fanpage @safareelyrics, Safaree and Ana dated for a year, but Ana also dated T.I. and is allegedly the reason he and Tiny are getting a divorce, so it's all just a little bit messy.