Rapper The Game Avoids Jail Time Of Punching An Off Duty Officer !!

Rapper The Game Avoids Jail Time Of Punching An Off Duty Officer !!
Rapper The Game Avoids Jail Time Of Punching An Off Duty Officer !! 
BHR Hollywood Reports........The Game is avoiding jail time on charges stemming from a 2015 basketball game, in which he punched an off-duty Los Angeles police officer in the face.

According to reports, the Compton rapper struck a deal to avoid 120 days in jail after pleading no contest in the case, however, he will still face three years of probation, 120 days of community service, and 26 anger management courses. Originally, back in June of 2015, Game pled not guilty.

Prosecutors say during a game in 2015, Taylor threatened, intentionally fouled and sucker-punched the officer, who'd stolen the ball from him and made a basket.
The Game

Taylor also pleaded no contest to stealing a camera from a paparazzi who filmed him being served with legal papers after the officer sued him.

Taylor pleaded no contest to felony grand theft and misdemeanor counts of making criminal threats and battery.

 Following the punch, Awaji hired a photographer and process server to serve Game with a lawsuit.

The photographer, Justin Willard, was allegedly attacked by the rapper and his camera was reportedly stolen.

The Game 
Willard sued Game for the price of his equipment, medical expenses, and damages. The process server also reportedly sued Game for emotional pain suffered.

Last year, Game released his nostalgic 1992 LP and announced his potential final album, Westside Story.

“When I get back to L.A. I’m going straight to jail because I fuckin’ had a fight with a police officer and shit,” Game told fans at a concert in Russia in December. “So, I’m gonna sit down for a minute and I’m gonna write my next album, which is probably gonna be my last album.

It’s called Westside Story. It’s gonna be some ill shit. But I don’t even really give a fuck about that, man. All I give a fuck about is my music, my kids, my fans, and my family.”

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