Lebron James Stands Up For Charles Oakley In Knicks Dispute

Lebron James Stands Up For Charles Oakley In Knicks Dispute 
BHR Hollywood Reports.............LeBron James and other NBA players are standing up in support of Charles Oakley after the former Knicks great got into an altercation with Madison Square Garden security on Wednesday night.

After Charles Oakley was arrested at the Knicks game on Wednesday night, LeBron James shared a photo of Oakley on Instagram with the caption, “Mood!! #Legend,” which seemed like he was saying he’s siding with the “legend” in as few words as possible.
Charles Oakley 

Wade followed suit on Instagram and was more outspoken with his caption choice:

“10years!!! 10 years Oak gave everything he had for this organization and the image everyone will be left with won't be this picture.

It will be the imagine of him being taken down to the ground last night in the same arena he gave his all 2 as a player by the guards! This Could happen to any of us!!! #StayWoke We are not above this treatment!”

Oakley admitted in an interview that LeBron and Michael Jordan are two of many NBA players, past and present, that have reached out to him since the debacle.
Dwyane Wade

 James confirmed Thursday night that he had been in touch with Oakley, saying he wanted "to check on him, make sure he was alright."

Chris Paul
James, like Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade, also objected to the way that the Knicks characterized Oakley in their statement following Wednesday's game.

"He aint like that, and if you ask any player in our league now who knows him, they'd say the same thing," James said, according to Cleveland.com.
Despite the ugly scene at the Garden, Oakley sounded open to patching things up with the Knicks.

“Life is too short,” Oakley told reports about to wanting to mend his relationship with James Dolan. “There’s too much going on in the world.

We got to fix things in life. Not try and break things in life.”