Legend Gospel Singer Shirley Caesar Suing ATLANTA artist over unauthorized Uses of her song

Legend Gospel Singer Shirley Caesar pulls the plug  from Atlanta Artist with unauthorized uses of her sermon song
Editor Larry Blac
BHR HollyWood Reports......The new generation producer and artists just think the old school.... "We are talking about the folk that pave the way for them to have a chance for radio or to think about making records is Dumb and stupid , They can just pick any record from the past and re-edit or sample these people work without consequences behind their action...."

The lawsuit, filed this week in Gwinnett County, accuses Keenan Wedd knowing as DJ Suede-of releasing an unauthorized version... The clerk's office say the court file does not list an attorney for Webb....

The legend Shirley Caesar, sermon song went viral "Hold My Mule" a few years ago Now she is suing the ATL rapper / DJ over the uses of her song....

Caesar's Attorney Walker said the video of the song includes references to alcohol, which violates the band, repartitions of the pastors views and worshipping Love for God....

           When you Touch God Work Something will Go Wrong!!!!!