Kandi Burrus Accused Of Being Just a "Side Chick" By Her Daughter Father Ex

Kandi Buruss Is Being Call Out By Daughter Father Ex-Wife
Editor Larry Blac
BHR HollyWood Reports........ The RHOA Kandi Buruss is getting lots of attention in the media and it's not back making music.... Reports has been that Kandi and Husband Todd owes contractors for work being done on their "Old Ladies Gang" restaurant in Atlanta...

But thats not all surfing the news in #BlackHollywood recently Kandi Buruss daughter's father "Block" Ex-wife accused her of being just a side chick to Russell  "Block" Spencer, Why all this is hatching.... let BHR take you there....
Block Ex Wife Accused Kandi Of Being A Side Chick

Well the water has been boiling for sometime now on the show with "Block" name being mention as a dead beat dad, Now the water starting to boil over as Russell "Block" Spencer Ex-wife response to Kandi with her own accusations about RHOA star saying the reality star was the "Side Chick" and when her and"Block"were married,  she knew it was going to be a complicated situation when Kandi got pregnant.......

Black's wife for 25  years says "It's sad that he wasn't apart of Riley's Life but Kandi already knew what she was getting involved with because "Block" was in a relationship with four other women at the time..She was a side chick, all this was expected!!!!!!!

Block ex-wife wants to keep her name confidential and goes to say that "Kandi was the one that came to her and told she was pregnant by her husband and she told Kandi that he's not going to do anything so what do she expect?"  She knew all alone what was going on and now she want to play the victim..... Girl you knew!!!!!!

We hope all get back in order for Kandi & Todd I'm Larry Blac this is your BHR Report