Soul Train Music Awards Honors Teddy Riley With The Legendary Award 2016
Soul Train Music Awards Honors Teddy Riley
BHR HollyWood Reports........Time long overdue for Teddy Riley to receive such an award this man has help our generation shape the sound we here on radio, from R&B,Hip-Hop, & Gospel Music...
Teddy Riley
Today is a big day for Teddy Riley for the work he has put into the music industry and helping other to have hit records with producing, writing and Engineered all by him...Teddy Riley produced his first hit at the age of 17 yrs old the harlem native is the originator of "NEW JACK SWING"sound with the mix of hip-hop and R&B which dominated the 1980s and 1990s.
Teddy Riley & Bobby Brown performs
"My Prerogative"

After writing so many hit records teddy put together a group call Guy, Blackstreet and that's not all the hit he produce for others... The List Goes on and on...

Teddy Riley Is A Musical Genius When It Come To The Music Industry and when you hear the music today it's been recreated from lots of music Teddy has put out back in the day..and it's hard to really know these days in the digital world who wrote and produced songs because back in the day it was the hard copy CD with a booklet with credits which shows who wrote,Produce,Executive Producer,Co-produce & Co-writer now the time has changed where you don't see this anymore
Teddy Riley Performs hits with his group
In today's generation the Industry need to get back to the hard copy cds duplication become there is nothing like having the Artist you love and want to look at the credits,photos or just say here my collective music catalog of some the best music ever it really take away the hype and the high of the music business and artist......

Last night on the soul train awards Teddy took you down memory lane with soon of the artists and songs he produced for them...
Teddy Riley alone with his family on the Red Capet at
2016 Soul Train Awards receiving the Legend Award

Thank You Teddy Riley For So much great music and may God continue to Bless you