Kendu Isaacs (Ex Husband Of Mary J Blige) Says "She's Is Out To Financially Suffocate Me"

Kendu Isaacs (Ex Husband Of Mary J Blige) Says
"She's Is Out To Financially Suffocate Me"
BHR Hollywood Reports........When Mary J. Blige decided to use her on-going divorce drama as a theme on her current tour, she probably knew it would get back to her estranged husband Martin "Kendu" Isaacs.

Well, sure enough it got back too him and now he's crying foul, accusing the singer of using her fame to destroy him.

Martin 'Kendu' Isaacs, 49, believes the R&B songstress is on a 'public campaign to destroy' his reputation, as well as 'shame' and 'financially suffocate him'.

Kendu And Mary 
The singer 'opens her show by displaying various images of tabloids pertaining to this dissolution in an attempt to paint herself as the victim and Mr Isaacs as the villain', according to court documents.

Blige, who filed for divorce in July, recently asked the court to delay a spousal support hearing to February so she and her lawyer can be in attendance. The hearing has been scheduled for December.

Isaacs claims that if the hearing isn't held in December, he will run out of money because Blige fired him from his role as personal manager, leaving him with 'no source of income'.

Now Isaacs claims that by displaying images relating to the requests for spousal support at her concerts, Blige is making a 'calculated attempt' to destroy her husband's reputation and capitalize on the divorce.
Mary And Kendu 

Isaacs' lawyers have said that they have videos of Blige's concerts to provide the court for viewing.

In recent court documents, Isaacs asked the court to not accept Blige's request to move the support hearing to February.

'If the Court were to grant such a long continuance, it would deprive Mr Isaacs of an interim financial contribution for several months, particularly during the holiday season,' court documents read.

He said that though Blige has given him advances on spousal support since August, it is not enough to cover his monthly costs.