Hillary Clinton Is Pointing The Finger At Obama For Her Loss Of The Presidential Election & The FBI Director James Comey

Chief Editor / Larry Blac BHR Reports
Hillary is very hurt about the election outcome Is she right about the way she's feeling?
BHR HollyWood Reports......  The Former Editor in chief of the New York Times Ed Klein says that the former Secretary Of State is privately pointing fingers at the President Of The United State and here's why!!!

Everyone thought Hillary Clinton had this election all wrap -up in a bag due to millions of early voting across the United States and day of the election...
Director FBI JAmes Coney

But due to the FBI Director James Coney making Breaking News public statement just days before the elections when that could've been the turn around for Millions of undecided voter to vote Clinton's way...

In a private interview on the the Steve Malzberg Show, Ed Klein say that after the election results came out Clinton was inconsolable and crying hysterically, while blaming Obama for not stopping FBI Director James Comey from making public statement about her deleted emails..

Do you think this is all President Obama fault?