Mississippi Police Officer Leave Her 3 Year Old Baby In Her Patrol Car for 4Hrs and baby Dies Just To Visit Another Cop

Mississippi Police Officer Leave Her 3 Year Old Baby In Her Patrol Car
BHR HollyWood Reports.........Mississippi Police Officer Cassie Barker Leave Her 3 Year Old Baby In Her Patrol car for 4Hrs and baby Dies Just Visit Another Cop..

Now both Officers is placed on paid leave after the child was left in the patrol car this past friday.
Investigators believe Baker left Baby Cheyenne in the back of the patrol car outside the home of the officer she was visiting.

News of this baby death has gone viral..  While the official cause of death is unclear, investigator believe Cheyenne likely overheated in the patrol car... The baby died despite having the air conditioning running inside the vehicle.

The Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adams said.... We are looking into some possible previous allegations...It is an active investigation.   It hasn't been determined which way we will go, But it doesn't look good....We'll see which way the evidence takes us.

Police Chief Wayne Mcdowell said Officer Cassie Barker has been in the hospital since the baby death...We also learned Barker was suspended a week without pay back in 2015 for conduct violations

This is another sad story... RIP Little Cheyenne BHR