Gladys Knight Son And Attorney Claims His Mother Is "Mentally Incompetent"

Gladys Knight Son And Attorney Claims His Mother Is "Mentally Incompetent
Gladys Knight Son And Attorney Claims His Mother Is "Mentally Incompetent"
BHR Hollywood Reports...........The lawsuit between singer Gladys Knight and her son is turning ugly in an Atlanta courtroom.

She wants her name removed from the restaurants that now bear her name, but now his lawyer is arguing she lacks the mental capacity to make that decision.

Gladys Knight and Shanga Hankerson
Dana Tucker Davis, Hankerson’s attorney, is now saying Knight lacks the mental capacity to make the decision to take her name off the restaurants. Tucker Davis and Hankerson argue Knight is being misinformed about the establishment and her son’s financial problems.

“Everyone makes mistakes, and one of the mistakes Shanga made is not being as hands-on in day-to-day management as he should have been in the last couple of years,” Tucker Davis said in a statement.

Chicken And Waffles From Famous
Gladys Knight's Signature Chicken & Waffles Restaurant
It was alleged Hankerson failed to pay employees and used the restaurant’s money to fund sex parties and his marijuana habit.

Tucker Davis said the claims simply weren’t true, adding that the restaurant is up to date on its taxes, has a good health inspection score and management issues have been solved.

The troubled restaurant owner is being sued for felony theft by taking for allegedly collecting sales tax and not turning it over to the state.

Reached by phone, Hankerson's criminal attorney told reports he was not in a position to comment on the new claims.

Gladys Knight's attorneys said Hankerson forfeited the right to use her name the day he turned himself in to police on the criminal charges... and now he's fighting to keep it.

Gladys Knight's public relations firm refused to comment on the new allegations, but on social media, the legendary singer did not seem bothered - posting a throwback picture of she and the pips the day it was filed.