Ludacris Baby Moma ( Tamika Fuller ) Has Filled A Child Abuse Claim Against The Atlanta Rapper

Ludacris  Baby Moma ( Tamika Fuller ) Has Filled A Child Abuse Claim Against The Atlanta Rapper
Ludacris  Baby Moma ( Tamika Fuller ) Has Filled A
 Child Abuse Claim Against The Atlanta Rapper 
BHR Hollywood Reports..............Ever since Ludacris won full custody of his daughter last year, there’s been nothing but drama coming from his baby mama, which just so happens to be Tamika Fuller.

Atlanta Rapper Ludacris 
 Tamika Fuller filed a child abuse complaint against Luda after her daughter returned from with a skin rash.

In court documents, Luda, whose real name is Chris Bridges, said his daughter had a “common rash” that was treated by a doctor.

In 2015, Bridges was awarded primary custody of his daughter with Fuller. He said since then Fuller has violated the terms of the court order at every turn.

For example, he says she continuously drops off their daughter at daycare on Fridays even though he arranged for a private tutor for the child on Fridays.

The 38-year-old father-of-3 said Fuller ignores his requests for her to take the child to a doctor he chose rather than a doctor of her own choosing.

Ludacris (real name Christopher Bridges) was investigated by the Department of Family and Children Services over a child abuse complaint filed against him and the 38-year-old rapper/actor is accusing his baby mama of filing a false report due to her bitterness stemming from him being awarded primary custody.
Tamika And Luda's Child 

Tamika Fuller 
 Luda says that she has leaked private emails to the media for her own publicity and to portray Ludacris in a false, negative light and even choose to start a GoFundMe account in an attempt to profit off their child, which was against the court order.

Bridges asked the court to sanction Fuller for violating the terms of the court order, and force her to comply with the original judge’s ruling regarding visitation.

He also wants Fuller to pay his attorney’s fees and other legal expenses.

In June, the Georgia Court of Appeals denied Fuller’s motion for an appeal and refused her request for child support.

 He has headed to court demanding she be found in contempt of court and sanctioned for her actions.