Black Republican Michael McNeely Was Kicked Out Of A Trump Event At The Fox Theater

Black Republican Michael McNeely Was Kicked Out Of
 A Trump Event At The Fox Theater 
BHR Hollywood Reports.......Michael McNeely is the first vice chair of the Georgia Republicans, but he was literally thrown out of the Fox Theatre where the Trump event was held.

Trump campaign state director Brandon Phillips told him there was "no more room for you," and the Secret Service escorted him out of the theatre.

Michael McNeely
Bruce LeVell, the executive director of the National Diversity Coalition For Trump said that he was not aware of any official reason why McNeely wouldn’t be allowed to meet with the candidate, but that campaign staff sometimes act proactively to prevent problems.

“Anyone that goes to a Trump rally, I don’t give a damn who you are, if anyone even if looks at you and [the campaign] points their finger, you’re out of there,” he said. “They’re real strict about [acting] if something doesn’t look right. They just make a judgment call.”

The area where McNeely wanted to go was where the presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump was greeting supporters.

This was a particularly bad move by the Trump campaign, because McNeely is rising fast among the Georgia Republicans.

Donald Trump 
 He is a recently appointed at-large delegate to the Republican National Convention, so it would seem obvious that Trump should court his vote.

The reason McNeely was excluded remains murky.

McNeely is a lifelong resident of Georgia. He graduated from Georgia Southern University and holds a degree in Criminal Justice.

The delegate formerly chaired the Georgia Black Republican Council. BuzzFeed News reached him by phone, but the delegate said "I'll have to get back to you," and hung up.

Georgia polls show a tight race between Trump and the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but no member of the Democratic party has won the Peach state since 1992.