Comic Lunell Throws Shade At RHOA Star NeNe Leakes

Comic Lunell Throws Shade At RHOA Star NeNe Leakes
Comic Lunell Throws Shade At RHOA Star NeNe Leakes 
BHR Hollywood Reports.............The veteran comic and actress slammed the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star on social media over the weekend after coming across a flyer of Leakes' multi-city comedy tour.

Lunell, who has decades in the game of comedy, took umbrage at a so-called interloper like Leakes invading her precious genre without the proper credentials or experience.

Nene Leakes, of course, fired shots of her own and nearly blew off Luenell’s wig with her devastating comments. Take a look:

"I have dedicated 26 years of HARD WORK 2 b able to call myself a Comic. It is a very elite club
that I am Extremely proud 2 belong to," the 57-year-old funny lady wrote.

"I just find it Ironic that these days, it seems like any Reality Show celebrity or celebrity of Any type who wants to pop up and call themselves a Comic CAN....but a Comic can't just pop up and as easily get a Show!

NeNe Leakes
"Anybody can just walk into our profession, grab $$$ and when they get Tired.....they just stop and go back to the comfort of television," she added.

For those calling Luenell a hater, she says that's fine with her, writing "If I sound salty, it's because i Am! I am not afraid 2 speak MY truth but believe me, I am Not alone n my thoughts."

Despite her note of frustration, Luenell wished Leakes the best...sort of.

"I hope my good sister here has a great weekend and a successful run...that is, until she gets bored or tired," she wrote.

Of course, it didn't take long for Leakes to respond with a message of her own.

"I NEVER said I was a comedian so be clear about that! I find it ironic you took the time to comment on the moves I make but u had no problem helping Wendy Williams and u had no problem coming on my show filming with Claudia Jordan," Leakes wrote.

"We all work our ass off of things but the one thing I definitely [am] is a business woman about to take this thing on a major tour and to tv. If you stop being salty and get out your feelings, you might can start opening up for me, I got a job for you."