Actor Wendell Pierce Was Arrested For Battery

Actor Wendell Pierce Was Arrested For Battery 
BHR Hollywood Reports......Actor Wendell Pierce was arrested in Fulton County Saturday after reports of getting into an argument with a woman and her boyfriend over political views.

 Pierce was in Atlanta when he struck up a conversation with a man and his girlfriend at the Loews Hotel. At some point, the casual conversation began to shift into politics.

Wendell Pierce 
 Pierce, who is a supporter of Clinton, objected to the couple who were supporters of Bernie Sanders. Pierce allegedly pushed the man, who stumbled after the contact, and grabbed his girlfriend by the hair and slapped her in the head.

Wendell Pierce 
The couple left the hotel lobby and went to their room where they called hotel security. The hotel’s security called the Atlanta Police Department who arrested Pierce on the scene.

Pierce’s alleged actions adds to what has become a violent political race to the White House. Most of the violent incidents have occurred during political events hosted by presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Trump has advised many of his supporters to retaliate against protesters and they have responded with physical attacks.

According to TMZ, around 3:30 a.m. Pierce was speaking to a woman and her boyfriend outside of the hotel when the conversation turned political.

TMZ then said an argument ensued and the confrontation became physical.

Pierce was charged with simple battery, according to Atlanta jail records.