Stevie J Speaks Out On His Baby Mama (Mimi Faust) New Relationship

Stevie J Speaks Out On His Baby Mama (Mimi Faust) New Relationship
Stevie J Speaks Out On His Baby Mama (Mimi Faust) New Relationship 
BHR Hollywood Reports............Stevie J is tearing into his baby mama Mimi Faust for coming out as a lesbian, because he's not cool with their 6-year-old daughter being raised by 2 women.

Stevie J doesn't seem to be pleased with Mimi Faust's new relationship.

Apparently, "Love & Hip-Hop's" Stevie J isn't too pleased with Mimi Faust's new relationship with a woman.

Chris Gould 
Earlier this week, it was revealed that Faust is involved with a lady named Chris Gould, and according to the gossip site Stevie talked about his daughter.

"He says 'He doesn't want his little girl being raised in a lesbian household and thinks that's only a job for a dad and a mom,'".

On top of that, the former Bad Boy producer
Mimi And Her And Stevie's Daughter 
said Mimi really isn't a lesbian, and she's faking her relationship just to stay on the show and have a good plot surrounding herself.

Meanwhile, Gould spoke with VH1 and explained how she and the reality star met. It turns out, that Mimi made the first move inside of a nightclub, and once the two partied together afterwards, they realized there was a connection.

"I met Mimi at a club through a mutual friend who had invited me out, because Mimi had a booking," explained Gould. "I was in her VIP, and after the club was over she pulled me to the side, and she was just like 'I find you intriguing.' I was like 'Oh, okay.'"

Even more shade -- Stevie thinks Mimi's only deciding to be lesbian for a good story line on 'LHHA.'
He's not threatening legal action yet, and believes he'll convince Mimi to see things his way.