Mary J Blige Teams up With ROMANS For New Single "OverThinking "

Mary J Blige Teams up With ROMANS For New Single "OverThinking "
BHR Hollywood Reports.....Producer/songwriter Sam “RØMANS” Romans, who is signed to Roc Nation, is slowly and kinda secretly dropping fire.

Following the release of his third EP, Silence, last month, the Middlesex native revisits his 2015 track “Overthinking,” and brings in Mary J. Blige to make it a very special duet.

On the song, Roman believes the problems stem from thinking too much, while Blige denies that’s the case.

“There ain’t no use in overthinking love / The minute that you do it’s over,” sings Romans, while Blige blames him. “It’s not love when you only see things your way,” she sings on her verse.

About their collab, Sam said, “It was the one track that could exist in its current form, but there’s something we could do to it that could be really clever, a reason to do a duet, and that’s’ to change the narrative,” Sam explained.

 “It was great to get someone else’s perspective, said about Mary writing her verse.

Mary and Sam previously worked together on Blige’s 2014 album The London Sessions, where he co-wrote three songs, including the single “Doubt.”