Comedian Katt Williams Has Been Issued A Warrant After A Brawl With A Teen

Comedian Katt Williams Has Been Issued A
Warrant After A Brawl With A Teen 
BHR Hollywood Reports............Warrants have been issued after the 42-year-old comic was caught on video throwing a punch at 17-year-old Luke Wash after the two got into a verbal altercation during a game in Gainesville, Ga., local police told Reports on Monday.

Katt Williams 
It's my understanding that Wash is in custody at the jail and we have made contact with Williams' attorney and it is our hopes and our understanding that he will be turning himself in," Holbrook said.

Attorney Drew Findling said Williams had been doing community service and playing soccer with children at a subsidized housing complex in Gainesville, northeast of Atlanta, when the fight

One version of a video of the encounter shows Williams being followed by the teen and later confronted while he sat on the ground with his back against a brick wall. The two exchanged words while they were surrounded by others just before the fight, the footage showed, with the teen eventually wrestling Williams to the ground.

"I was like, wow, that's him," Cedric Wash told The
The Boy Who Fought Katt Williams 
News  Friday. "Why is my nephew in a grown man's face."

Later that same day, Williams wanted to meet up with the boy again to square off for a second time, Cedric Wash said.

"My nephew told me after the altercation happened, Katt Williams went on Instagram and he told Luke to meet at the same spot so they can fight again."
Katt Williams 

Williams then appeared to recount the throwdown to the audience at his Barclays Center show on Friday.

“Even though we’re the same size, you’re a little boy; I’m a grown-a-- man,” Williams said in a fan-recorded video. “I just want you to have a bloody mouth so you can have that lesson later — that that’s what happens when you say slick s--t to grown a-- men.”

The comedian also clarified that he had thought Wash was 19.

Williams is currently facing charges from three different arrests in recent weeks, including allegedly assaulting a pool store employee and for reportedly attacking his own bodyguard.