Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Star Moniece Clears Up Rumors About Dating Milan

Moniece Clears Up Rumors Of Her Dating Love
 And Hip Hop Hollywood Star Milan
BHR Hollywood Reports..........This came just moments after Moniece proclaimed Milan as her #MCM (Man Crush Monday) on her Instagram page.

However, Moniece recently revealed that she and Milan are nothing more than just friends.

During an interview with reporters, Moniece dished the cast mates' relationship and said, "Milan is my friend. I am not dating Milan. Milan is a very good person; a very genuine soul. But I am not in a relationship with Milan, I'm not sleeping with Milan."

“Although we have a hella flirtatious relationship,” Milan continued, “And she keeps telling me she can make me straight with how good her p~#^ is lol.. We are not f**king, but she has made me reconsider the possibility of dating a woman.”

Moniece posted the same picture on her own Instagram in an effort to stop the dating rumors that they started all by themselves. The LHHH star captioned her version, “He came to support me. And I support him! Thank you!@milanchristopher and yup my vagina is a diamond mine!”

The thing is, Milan and Moniece posted many pictures and captions for each other.

Moniece posted a “man crust Monday” picture of Milan Christopher.

Miles And Milan 
Likewise, Milan posted a picture of his “M& M” tattoo that he got when he was dating Miles and
claimed it had a new meaning, “Milan and Moniece.”

 It looks like someone must have been really upset about Milan and
Moniece playing around about their fake relationship because Milan deleted the picture of his tattoo and the screenshot of Miles Brock’s page where he captioned his “coming out as straight” after throwing shade at Miles.

The former LHHH boyfriends have been throwing insults back and forth over Instagram for months after Milan claimed Miles punched him while they were in New York City last year.

On Thursday, it was reported that Milan dropped the charges against Miles, with both telling wildly different stories about why that happened.

 Now there is talk that Miles might hit Milan up with a slander suit for even claiming that he was punched by Miles Brock in the first place.