Love & Hip-Hop New York Star "Tara Wallace" Has Announced Her Pregnancy

Is Peter Going To Be The Father Of Her Child?
BHR Hollywood Reports........On the episode six sneak peek Tara is seen talking to her therapist in effort to help her finally move on from Peter.

Peter Gunz
 However, she's got some interesting news related to her health to spill before her new life coach can guide her in any direction.

We know she's been sleeping with Peter again since they started living in the same building. Could it be that she is also pregnant by Peter at the same time as Amina.

In the episode prior to Tara’s big news, Buddafly cried to one of Peter’s grown daughters about the fact that it hurt her so badly to terminate her pregnancy, but she knew it would only complicate matters.
Looking back even further than last week’s episode, two years ago during a press run, Gunz claimed he was getting a vasectomy after sharing his frustration at being unable to care financially for his eight children by six different women.

Tara Wallace
 Instead of going through with the surgical procedure, Gunz got both women pregnant and continues to waffle between them.

 More importantly, both women seemed determined not to leave Gunz’s side and are so loyal that they moved into an apartment building to make Gunz’s daily travel more convenient as he moved back and forth between households.

The only thing more amazing than Wallace announcing her pregnancy was VH1 playing the soundtrack to Gunz’s ’90s Bad Boy hit “Cant Stop, Won’t Stop.”