Best Man Holiday Actor "Taye Diggs" Was Blasted Online By Lisa Vanarsdale

will this be the end of his career?
BHR Hollywood Reports............Taye Diggs caught up in some drama.

Lately the actress been wanting to have a snuggle buddy.

 Lisa, works for an online service, “The Snuggle Buddies,” which charges $80 an hour for “platonic companionship.” Two days later, the “Private Practice” star sent her a text at 6:45 a.m.

 In the text, he wrote: “Are u available for snuggling … Discretion is a must.”

Taye Diggs

Lisa said: “I was shocked! This guy was my end all of a celebrity crush.”

To her surprise, Taye urged her to try the psychedelic drug MDMA.

“Do u do Molly?” he wrote.

 Lisa said she doesn’t use drugs.

 Lisa said after she arrived to meet him, “Taye said ‘I thought you wanted to have sex with me.’
Taye And Lisa

"I’d assumed he knew the rules of snuggling. It’s a completely non-sexual thing.”

Despite that, Lisa said she let Taye kiss her, and things got kinky.

“He asked to see my breasts, so I removed my bra,” she said.

 Lisa said she ended up staying four hours platonically and left around 11:30 a.m.

 Snuggle sleepovers cost $330 but Lisa said she didn’t charge Taye, and was furious when she learned he’s been dating model Amanza Smith Brown.

 She texted him: “… You (led) me to believe you were single … What little trust I had left in me for men is completely gone because of you.”