Rick Ross Fires Back At Birdman For Calling Him Out !!

Rick Ross Fires Back At Birdman For Calling Him Out At The LIV Night Club 
Lil Wayne And Rick Ross 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........While on stage at LIV nightclub on Sunday (Jan. 17), Birdman issued a warning to Ross.

“But you b*tch ass*s that be sayin’ my name, b*tch, I’ma pull up,” he said. “And I ain’t gon’ pull up talking, believe that. Rich Gang for life.”

During an appearance together at,seemingly their first since reuniting, Baby went ahead and called out his detractors; many assumed one of the people he was referring to is Rick Ross, who was outspoken against Birdman's treatment of Lil Wayne during his Breakfast Club interview.
Rick Ross 

It appears as though Ross has responded to Birdman and Wayne's reconciliation/Club LIV appearance with a Snapchat video.

In the Snap, Ross can be heard rapping "I'm a real player/them n*ggas kissed and they made up" over an instrumental.

In a series of Snapchat videos, Rozay mocked their reunion. “Them ni**as kiss and they made up,” he said, while taunting Birdman: “Fuck ni**as wanna hit me / Fuck, ni**a, come get me / Pussy ni**as ain’t wit me.