Rapper "Big Sean" Donates $10,000 To The Flint Crisis

Big Sean Has Donated $10,000 To The Flint Crisis
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Meek Mill isn't the only rapper chipping in to help the Flint water crisis.

Big Sean's non-profit the Sean Anderson Foundation, in partnership with CrowdRise, is launching the #HealFlintKids campaign to aid Flint families who have been exposed to toxic water.

All proceeds from the fund drive will go towards the Community Foundation of Greater Flint Michigan (CFOGFM).
Big Sean

According to reports, Sean has made a personal donation of $10,000 to kick things off.

With the help of CrowdRise, Sean has started #HEALFLINTKIDS, which is raising money for the Community Foundation of Greater Flint Michigan’s “Flint Child Health & Development Fund.”

There’s no specific goal, but the baseline is a pretty solid one: Sean donated $10,000 to launch the initiative.

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Flint’s water supply has been contaminated by lead, causing a health crisis that has reportedly affected the city’s children, who could face long-term effects.

“I am devastated by the water crisis that has put the entire city of Flint in a state of emergency,” Sean said in a release.

“In recognizing the great work that the Community Foundation of Greater Flint Michigan has been doing, it is my hope we can help by raising the money needed to ensure that the children who have been hit the hardest receive the care that they need today and well into the future.”