Atlanta Rapper Was Falsely Identified By Wells Fargo Bank Manager And APD Was Called To The Scene

 Atlanta Rapper Was Falsely Identified By Wells Fargo Bank Manager And APD Was Called To The Scene
Young Rapper Was Arrested For Making A Bank Withdraw 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Young Atlanta Rapper was arrested for making a bank withdraw to purchase a new car.

 It was a embarrassing scene mid-Friday afternoon commuting  thur Buckhead as APD held up about nine african americans in handcuffs in the parking lot of Wells Fargo.

Atlanta Police said officers were called at the location by the bank manager.

The Rapper And His Friends Sitting on The Ground 
By reading this story this doesn't look good for Wells Fargo, bank manger , And the APD. Someone made a bad call.

 There are lots of violations in this situation. Discrimination, Defamation of Character, and could be more.

A witness said several people jumped out of an SUV when police arrived.

Youngsta spoke to the local news station about the experience, noting that police guns were drawn, his guns were confiscated by authorities, as well as half of the money taken out during the transaction.

Young Atlanta Rapper 
He said he was told to pick up the other $100,000 at the police headquarters after it was processed as evidence.

 He was also advised by police to be safe while carrying his wads of cash.

“What’s wrong with having $200,000?” Youngsta asked rhetorically.

 “It makes me feel like I can’t be young, black, and rich.”

After their investigation, police found that no crime was being committed. Youngsta said the large withdrawal was taken out to be used to purchase a new car, and that he would be taking his business away from Wells Fargo.

Blac Youngsta said the incident killed his mood and he plans to hold off on the car for now. He said he would be taking his banking elsewhere.

Atlanta Police told reports the incident did not directly involve Blac Youngsta and he was not accused of committing a crime.

Video Courtesy : Fox 5 Atlanta