Golden State Warriors Star "Andre Iguodala" Doesn't Want His Daughter Playing Basketball

What will happen next?
BHR Sports Reports.........NBA Star Andre Iguodala doesn't want his daughter playing basketball.

Andre has recently been in court for child support against his baby mamma Clayanna warthen.

NBA star has decided he doesn't want his daughter to play basketball and to become a lesbian.

Andre Iguodala
However, Iguodala’s lawyer claims that Warthen just wants to live lavishly off of his client’s fortune and enjoy things such as a private chef and floorside seats at 76ers games.

Warthen made the outrageous claims during a child support hearing.

She's seeking to triple the number on the child support checks Iguodala sends every month,.

From $18,000 to $58,000, on grounds that their daughter is a genius with special requirements to unleash her full potential.