Actress "Lisa Raye" Is Being Sued For Speaking Her Mind On Bleaching Cream

Is She Wrong for speaking her mind?
BHR Hollywood Reports..........A couple of days ago the beautiful Lisa Raye stopped by Big Tigger’s radio show on V-103  to promote her new movie entitled “Skinned.”

 She has taken the role of director for the film which takes a view into the world of skin bleaching through harmful chemical products.

Lisa Raye
Well at the beginning of her interview she jumped right into criticizing a popular dark spot removal product called “Whitenicious” that has been receiving a lot of backlash because many feel as though its being used as a skin bleaching product that causes cancer.

“This product thats on the market now called whitealicious and they use this cream like lotion all over their body to bleach their skin to become lighter,” the actress said.

  “Now what happens though their knuckles, their elbows stay the original color.

 Now you’re looking at them like ‘what did you do?’

 We thought that  this message was not only just educational but  way to get get the message out in an entertaining way by doing it in a film.”