Actress "Sherri Shepherd" Is Back In Court For Child Support

Will Lamar Win The Child Support Case
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Sherri Shepherd, the former The View co-host ordered by a court to pay support for the child she had through a surrogate with ex-husband Lamar Sally and named the boy's legal mother.

 Is asking the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to take her case.

"According to legal docs obtained by reports, Shepherd's asking the highest court in the state to relieve her from paying up to $4,600 a month to Sally until their son turns 18.
Lamar And The Baby Boy
 Her reason?

She says the first judge overstepped his boundaries in using a surrogacy contract to make her the mom even though she's not biologically related to the child.
Lamar tells reports it's ridiculous Sherri spent nearly $100k to bring their kid into the world.

 Yet wants nothing to do with him.

He says it's unfortunate one day the baby will be able to read the lengths Sherri went to in order to be out of his life."

The Supreme Court has yet made  a decision yet.