Actress "Tisha Campbell" Shuts Down Rumors About Her And Tasha Smith Being Lesbian

What Have Douglas Done?
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Tisha Campbell Martin is not going to allow Keith Douglas cousin start a rumor about her being gay.

A few days after blasting Keith Douglas on social media.

The veteran actress and singer came after his cousin,who accused her and Tasha of being lesbians.

"Did he teach you that? Aren’t you his cousin????
Tasha Smith

Chile [please] you are trying to [attack] my morals and ethics, thinking it’s going to make me cower?

It is a part of my JOB description to anticipate people attacking my character.

 I do this for a LIVING, so sweetheart nothing you say, no lie you spew can penetrate my soul.

 The lesbian thing you’re going for with me and Tasha?

Keith Douglas
 Not only is it untrue but you’re laughable. You’re making yourself look crazy.

Nice try [though]," wrote Campbell-Martin on Facebook.

She continued: "Anyone on this Facebook page or any other can go down to the courthouse and you will clearly see that he was married to two women at the same time.

 That is bigotry.

Now how are you going to make that go away? What bible verse will you use for THAT one? Stop using my savior to cause harm to women and his people."