Justin Bibber Arrested In MIAMI For Drag Racing and DUI Wow Busted!!!!

Justin Bibber Arrested In MIAMI For Drag Racing and DUI 
 BHR HollyWood Reports........Justin Bieber in trouble again after an arrest for drunk driving and drag racing in his rented Lamborghini.

The teen singer was racing after a visit to a strip club. According to the police, two high-end SUVs were used to block off the street, in effect constructing a makeshift drag course for Bieber and another driver in a Ferrari.

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Justin Bieber behind bars again!!!!
 There are also allegations that Bieber had a police escort as he was traveling from club to club. The Miami Beach police have not commented on whether or not one of their officers helped facilitate the drunken drag race.

Questions are also being raised about Bieber’s underage drinking and admittance to multiple strip clubs that night.

Bieber has been in the news recently for egging a neighbor’s house and a drug possession charge lodged against a guest in his home.
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