Fantasia Is Back With New Music Video "Sleeping with The One I Love "

Fantasia Is Back With New Music Video "Sleeping with The One I Love "
Fantasia Is Back With New Music Video "Sleeping with The One I Love "
BHR Hollywood Reports..............Fantasia steps out of her comfort zone in the new music video for her single, "Sleeping With The One I Love."

The song "Sleeping With The One I Love"  will be included in the next artist album "The Definition Of ...", to be released on July 29th.

 The album will be the fifth in career for the artist, now on the scene for 12 years, and this time promises us great quality, as indeed could not not happen given the sophistication of his style and the beauty of his voice, surely one of the most unique and recognizable in the American music scene.

As for the last song released, it is a song by dragging heavily vintage atmosphere, an old-fashioned

charm that emerges both in production (employees and rhythmic instruments choices) that in setting vowel, which takes us straight back to the '30s,' 40s and '50s. 

Fantasia "Sleeping With The One I Love"
There are many good vocalists who have gone in these atmospheres, which served as the concept even entire disks like "Back to Basics" by Christina Aguilera , and by interpreters with particular positions and powerful as that of the experiments Fantasy generally can not fail to impress us.

Directed by Derek Blank, the visual sees Tasia showing off some of her acting chops, as she plays multiple personalities locked behind bars in a women's prison.

The Grammy-winning singer portrays four different inmates, from a tough chick likened to Cleo from Set It Off, to a seductress who has her way with the prison guard. 

The singer even gets into an entertaining prison fight with herself, thanks to the powers of technology. 

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