Whoopi Goldberg Blast Ben Carson For Endorsing Donald Trump !!

Whoopi Goldberg Blast Ben Carson For Endorsing Donald Trump !!
Whoopi Goldberg Blast Ben Carson For Endorsing Donald Trump !! 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........The women of “The View” chewed out Ben Carson for his support for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during a fiery Thursday interview.g to overlook the things he said about African-Americans, what about the things he said about you?” she asked. "He even compared you to a child molester … Unless you say you’re a child molester, he’s a liar.”

Carson's rationale didn't satisfy Goldberg: "I hate to ask this question, but you have aligned yourself with a man who has bashed women, made countless racist remarks, and you're Ben Carson! Why would you align yourself with that?"
Ben Carson And Donald Trump 

"You have to look at the good and the bad," Carson replied. "There is no perfect person."

He went on to tout what he sees as Trump's pioneering acceptance of racial and religious minorities at his ritzy clubs and the glowing reviews Carson has heard from the real estate mogul's black employees.

Still nonplussed, Goldberg exclaimed at one point, "You're Ben Carson! You're so much better than this!"

Ben Carson 
"The View" itself, we should note, has been criticized for over-the-line commentary during this campaign, when the hosts joked that Republican candidate Carly Fiorina's face looked "demented" during a debate and would make a good Halloween mask.

Goldberg could not accept that explanation.

“I’m sorry. He’s a racist, and he’s not good for the country,” Goldberg barked. “And I’m sorry, I just don’t understand.”

She became increasingly flustered, waving her hands and stuttering as she pointed out that Trump did not swiftly disavow endorsements from white supremacists.

Then, Joy Behar dug in at the surgeon.

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