Store Owner Accuses Hit Singer Ashanti Of Shoplifting !

Store Owner Accuses Hit Singer Ashanti Of Shoplifting 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Ashanti has been dragged on social media by a store clerk who claims she stole a $22 baseball cap to cover her compromised weave.

Clerk In Long Island 
The clerk in Long Island took to Facebook with her tale. If you believe her story, Ashanti apparently tried on the pink New York Yankees hat, posed for a picture, and walked out without bothering to pay.

In her writeup about it on FB, the clerk clowned Ashanti’s weave, claiming “her broke ass” stole the hat because her weave tracks were showing.

"Lord knows how bad her pockets hurting. Homie tracks and everything was showing at the top of her weave. I guess that's why she needed the cap."

Ashanti has not publicly commented on the accusations.

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