Rapper Killer Mike Speaks With Bernie Sanders At The South Carolina Campaign

Rapper Killer Mike Speaks With Bernie Sanders At South Carolina Campaign
Rapper Killer Mike Speaks With Bernie Sanders At South Carolina Campaign
BHR Hollywood Reports.........A critical vote not just for South Carolina, but the primary at large will come from African American voters across the country.

The hip-hop star is more than a hype man: He’s a critical part of the 74-year-old socialist from a lily-white state’s outreach to communities of color.

When rapper Killer Mike calls the Bernie Sanders campaign to pitch ideas or make suggestions, they  pay attention, he says.

“I think more rappers need to endorse [Bernie Sanders],” Killer Mike told The Daily Beast. “I’ll suggest some rappers who are incredibly brilliant…and I’ll get those [phone] numbers and pass those onto [Sanders’s] press secretary.

When it comes time to organize hardcore events on the ground that will mobilize the young black vote, I’ll reach out to the appropriate contact in the campaign.”

Killer Mike, who belongs to the hip-hop group Run the Jewels, has emerged as Sanders’s most prominent, and perhaps most passionately committed, celebrity endorser (one of many “Artists for Bernie”) as the senator fights his uphill battle against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“What I have never gotten is a no-response, or dismissal, from the campaign,” he said. “His campaign really is one where I’ve seen people share ideas, and have people follow up.”

Killer Mike has long staked out his claim in the music industry and the hip-hop world. Rolling Stone has dubbed him both “a thunderous rapper,” and “Southern rap's top political theorist,” for instance.

But during this election, the 40-year-old rapper further raised his profile in political and media circles with his full-throated endorsement and volunteer work for the 74-year-old Jewish socialist.

Killer Mike And Bernie Sanders 
And he wants more of his colleagues to join the revolution.

“Every rapper who I see as a comrade, or a peer, whose number I have, I will absolutely say, ‘Hey, man, you know, give this person [in Bernie’s team] a call, and let them think about these ideas,’” Killer Mike said. “I look forward to doing more [for the campaign], but we got an album to record.”
The new Run the Jewels album is due out in the fall, he says.

“I expect to see other [rappers] come out and support him — on the bigger plateau of rappers — because the stuff that we rap about, the stuff that we talk about, the stuff that outrages us, Sanders’s policy deals with that,” he emphasized.

“So I think as more rappers connect with that, you’re going to see his favorability grow among young African-Americans, because so many of them are inclined to listen to the music, and to listen to the people who make the music.”
Bernie Sanders 

The idea of a famous musical artist hitting the campaign trail for a presidential candidate is nothing new. But what makes Killer Mike’s association with the Sanders 2016 campaign unique is how he has gone above and beyond what is expected of your typical celebrity surrogate.

Killer Mike helps organize and plot events and outreach efforts; he revs up the crowds and introduces Sanders at rallies; he has hosted phone-banking for Bernie in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Nowadays, he practically tweets nonstop about why more Americans should Feel The Bern. To that end, Killer Mike  advised the campaign to book more appearances on radio shows geared towards black audiences.
Bernie Sanders  And Killer Mike 

“I told them, ‘Hey, black people need to hear from you — do black radio,’” he said. “And he did black radio. And he’s doing more black radio.”

Together, Killer Mike and Sanders have formed what has to be one of the odder — or at least more unexpected — pairings of the 2016 campaign.

 The Atlanta rapper has been a diehard fan at least since June, when he first tweeted his endorsement. “It’s official,” Mike wrote on Twitter over the summer. “His call [for] the restoration of the voters rights act sealed the deal for me.”

And Sanders is only Killer Mike’s latest beacon of political hope. He has been participating in campaigns ever since he was 8, when he was pounding the pavement with his family.

 Killer Mike says he knew the late civil rights activist and pastor James Orange, who he considers a mentor.

“He taught me how to organize,” he said. “This is what I do, this is what I’ve always done: volunteer. Ever since I was a kid, if a politician jumps out, I give it a try, hit the streets — harass people into voting.”

“As long as he’s in the race, the policies that matter about people are going to be talked about,” he continued. “And that’s what I talk in my music. That’s what I talk about on my Twitter feed. That’s what I talk about in real life.”

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