March Madness Rapper Future Responds To Ciara's $15 Million Dollar Lawsuit

March Madness Rapper Future Responds To Ciara's $15 Million Dollar Lawsuit
March Madness Rapper Future Responds To Ciara's $15 Million Dollar Lawsuit 
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Ciara and Future just can’t seem to maintain a quiet, clean break-up after they made such a wonderful couple.

 Yesterday, Ciara filed a $15 million slander lawsuit against Future for his words in interviews and on social media. Future had previously complained about Russell Wilson’s public involvement with his child Baby Future and his inability to see his child as often as he’d like

Future And Ciara 
Since their engagement fell through, in different ways the former couple has expressed its angst. Back in 2015, Ciara penned down her pain and released the platinum-selling track, “I Bet.” Of course, the subject of the song is presumed to be none other than, Future.

After Mr. Hendrix received the news of CiCi’s pending lawsuit, on his behalf,  a source has spoken out about pending legal showdown. The EVOL rapper believes that Ciara is behaving in an immature and “petty” manner.

That same insider has also reported that Future has yet to be properly served with Ciara’s court documents. Previously, a process server tried unsuccessfully to pass off the docs at LAX.
Ciara And Future 

However, a new report from sources reveals that Future thinks the lawsuit is absurd because Ciara is equally guilty of public slander and libel.

 In lyrics to “I Bet,” Ciara sings “So I'm supposed to believe that it's Fellini's calling' your phone? / I’m supposed to believe that they're asking' you if you're home” and “Is that your bitch over there giving me the ugly stare / The one with the silicone ass, and the Brazilian hair.”

 If Future can prove these words are about him (not necessarily the easiest to do), then Ciara will have much weaker legal standing in the case.

Future believes he could have sued over those lyrics, but instead chose to take the high road.

Now, he’s reportedly considering a lawsuit of his own, but will hold off until he can see the exact terms of her legal documents.

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