Hollywood Divas Star Elise Neal Quits The Show Due To An Injury

Hollywood Divas Star Elise Neal Quits The Show Due To
Producers Now Wanting To Pay Medical Bill
BHR Hollywood Reports.....Hollywood Divas" star Elise Neal says she bailed on her show after equipment busted her head open during a shoot, and producers refused to pay for her  medical bills.

The actress, who has been on “Hollywood Divas” for two seasons, says that, despite being hurt by the light, producers were unsympathetic and demanded that she finish filming the scene before leaving.

Elisa Neil 
She also claims that producers decided to film the scene as if the accident had never happened and that they tried to completely cover up the incident.
Hollywood Divas 

Neal says producers were heartless and told her she needed to finish shooting the scene. She claims production tried to cover up the accident and then just filmed like it never happened.

According to Neal, "Hollywood Divas" has refused to pay a cent of her sizable medical bills, which include the cost of x-rays and MRIs.

We reached out to the show's producers ... so far, no word back.

Neal has reportedly decided to walk away from the show, since it was clear to her that she would not be taken care of in that job.

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