RHOA Star "Kandi Burrus" Has Started A New Group "Glamour"

Will They Release Some Music?
BHR Hollywood Reports............Kandi Burrus has started a new group called Glamour.

While LOUD may be relatively unknown to music fans, Glamour (featuring Kaylan, Moriah, and Ydal, who are between 15 and 16) previously appeared on X Factor in 2013.

It was an experience that offered up a few valuable learning experiences. "We learned that you have to be punctual — not that we were late," the trio explained. "Being punctual, always having your stuff together, [and] always being prepared for anything cause they throw you curves all the time."

It also gave them the chance to meet an idol. During their time on the show, they were dubbed "Baby Destiny's Child" by mentor Kelly Rowland herself.

Kandi Burrus
 In fact, the Beyoncé-fronted girl group, who Kandi has worked with in the past, is a big influence on the young performers. "It would be a great honor to live up to their legacy," the group says.

These days, with their reality TV days behind them, Glamour is ready for whatever comes next. The teens feel fortunate to work with someone like Kandi, who comes from a girl group background.

"She's really helping us in getting our things together," the ladies say. "She's a big influence. She's very inspirational." In fact, Kandi has been instrumental in helping the trio develop their sound to one day dominate the charts.

"She really likes our R&B music," Moriah said. "At first we were sort of in the pop-ish lane, but she suggested that we go the R&B route which has been working for us."