The Mother Of "Tamir Rice" Still Hasnt Recieved An Apology From Officer Tim Loehmann

Will Tamir Rice Get Justice?
BHR Hollywood Reports...............Tamir Rice still hasn't got justice.

Officer Tim Loehmann
His mom still hasn't got an apology from her sons wrongful death.
Tamir was shot by Officer Tim Loehmann on Nov. 22.

After he and his partner responded to a call about a person holding a firearm outside a recreation center.
 Loehmann, a rookie cop who has released from a precious police department for poor performance reviews.Fatally shot Rice almost immediately upon arrival.

The Mother Of Tamir Rice
 According to surveillance video. Rice was  actually holding a toy pellet gun.
 Tamir’s death in 2014 followed the high-profile  police killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson.
  Missouri and Eric Garner in Staten Island,New    York, which sparked a new civil rights movement  across the United States and calls for reform of US policing.
Tamir’s family renewed their call on Monday for the Department of Justice to conduct an investigation into the shooting.
Now Tamir's mom is looking forward to a apology.